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02/15/07 - Uploaded still more shirts. These are logo shirts. Not quite as many but there they are! ;) Continuing to work on the Eldhin Sims now. We will soon be welcoming another artist to NBS. My lovely wife Calli will be, finally, adding her content.
02/14/07 - HUGE update! 44 NEW shirts and re-uploaded the Queensryche shirts. Happy Valentine's Day. I am now working on a few more shirts and hopefully they will be up tomorrow. Enjoy!
02/13/07 - I added a blog to my site. Check it out! Josh's Ramblings. Eldhin Sims are coming along nicely. I have also gotten a wild hair and want to do a video. So I am working on lots of things. ;)

02/09/07 - Been a while. I've been busy finishing the lots for my Eldhin characters. I finally finished the houses and now I am working on the actual sims. Lots of things have been in the works. The main thing is I won't be doing donation sims. Everything I will put up here will be free. All I ask is that you give me credit and link back to here. I am also working on the initial "episodes" of my Eldhin saga. I won't be doing the movie just yet, though that is still a plan. I will first be doing screenshots and dialog. Once I get some people reading my works I will be asking for voice over talent. Perhaps this way you all can become familiar with the characters before putting your voice talents to them. ;) Next update is obvious. The look of my site. I am getting it ready for Eldhin to make it's Sims debut. ;)
09/05/06 - Uploaded 7 new Sims: 1 Male child, 1 Female Teen, 1 Male Teen, 1 Female Young Adult, 1 Male Young Adult, 1 Female Adult, 1 Male Adult.
09/03/06 - Uploaded three new sims: 1 Male Toddler, 1 Female Toddler, and 1 Female Child.
09/03/06 - Lukas may take a while to do. I don't have his hair...LOL. Anyhow. In the process are some some more free sims and some donation sims. I will also be getting some houses up soon also. It's going to take some time, so bear with me. :) Don't forget to leave me a shout on my shoutbox! :)
08/30/06 - Uploaded 5 Queensryche shirts! More things are in the works. Be on the look out for Lukas from Rockstar: Supernova, houses, donation sims and houses. Lots of stuff in the works!
08/29/06 - I have finally gotten my Sims2 site going! Let me know what you think, post to my tagboard! I also uploaded my first Sims!! The guys from Queensryche!


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